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Please see the NEW 2014-2015 Cheerforce Class Schedule below (also on the calendar page)

You can sign up for classes by going to your parent portal account at on July 1st 2014. Pre-Enrollment via Parent Portal is required, Athletes must be registered on-line prior to attending. Please be sure to re-enroll each month for your classes.

Classes for CheerForce members are $5.00 a class and $10.00 a class for non-team members.

There is a minimum requirement of 3 Athletes per class, the class will be subject to cancellation if the minimum amount of athletes is not met.

Athletes are required to have certain skills before enrolling in a class - Please see class requirements below:

Level 1/2:  No experience necessary
               Skills being worked on:  Front walkovers, back walkovers and handsprings

Level 2/3 & Level 3:  Must have a handspring, front walkover and back walkover
                              Skills being worked on:  Handspring series and tucks

Level 3/4 & Level 4:  Must have a roundoff handspring tuck, standing multiple handsprings
                              Skills being worked on:  Layouts, standing tucks, two to tucks/layouts

Pre-5:  Must have two to layout, running layout and jumps to tuck
           Skills being worked on:  Fulls, two to fulls, specialty passes

Worlds:  Open only to our Worlds teams athletes (Blackout & Nfinity)


Level Pre-5 with Coach Brendan 4:30pm

Level 1/2 with Coach Sheci 6:00pm

Level 2/3 with Coach Eric 6:30pm

Level 1/2 with Coach Eric 7:30pm


Level 3/4 with Coach Alex 3:30pm

Level 2/3 with Coach Alex 5:00pm

Level 3/4 with Coaches Alex & Connor 7:00pm

OPEN GYM with Coach Connor 8:00-9:30pm


Level Pre-5 with Coaches Alex & Brendan 4:30pm


Level 1/2 with Coach Sheci 5:00pm

Open Gym with Coach Conner 8:00-9:30pm


Worlds Teams Tumbling with Coaches Brendan and Alex 4:00-5:30 (INVITE ONLY CLASS)


Level 1/2 with Coach Krystal 10:30-11:30am

Level 3/4 with Coach Krystal 11:30-12:30am